Writing for Trans and Non-Binary Narratives | On Demand Master Class

Writing for Trans and Non-Binary Narratives

An increasing amount of fiction, including YA, features trans and non­binary characters, but often cisgender writers don’t know how to avoid falling into harmful tropes or creating offensive stereotypes.  In this seminar, trans playwright Ashley Lauren Rogers provides writers with an understanding of the issues around creating trans and non-binary characters and narratives that can help you avoid common pitfalls.

Topics include:

  • Explanations of and the difference between…
    • Gender Identity
    • Biological Sex
    • Sexual orientation
  • Transitioning
  • Appropriate language (including pronouns)
  • The realities and dangers trans and non-binary people face
  • Crafting characters that are whole people

The class includes both the video recording of the live seminar plus supplemental resources and reading recommendations. All class materials are online, and a download link will be emailed to you after you complete your purchase.

Accessibility: The class video is closed captioned and a transcript of the video is available to everyone who purchases the seminar.

Price: $50

Watch the Trailer:


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Part of the Fall 2016 Master Class Series, Sponsored By:

The Writing Excuses Podcast

What Are Master Classes?

Seminars designed as a deep dive into a specific Writing the Other topic. While the online classes, Weekend Intensives, and Classic seminars provide a good foundation, the Master Classes go beyond the basics and allow writers to learn from and ask questions of experts in specific areas.

Who Should Take These Classes?

These seminars are available to any writer, but they assume some familiarity with the basics of the concepts found in the Writing the Other: A Practical Approach book. If you have not attended a Weekend Intensive or other course, retreat, or workshop, you can still take a Master Class as long as you have read the book and familiarize yourself with the material on the Resources page before class. (We suggest reading Invisible and Invisible 2 plus the links at the bottom of the page.) This will give you enough foundation for this Master Class.

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